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Our patients can now enjoy the comfort of Silicone-Hydrogel lenses, such as Air Optix and Acuvue Oasys. These lenses allow for greater oxygen transmissibility, resulting in greater comfort over longer wearing times, even in dry environments. They are available with our Healthy Eyes Program. Ask your optometrist for more information at your next appointment. Silicone-Hydrogel lenses are also available as multifocals and to correct astigmatism.

Complete Contact Lens Examination, Fitting and Follow-up Care

Our office provides a variety of contact lenses including frequent replacement, astigmatism-correcting, bifocal, rigid gas permeable and conventional lenses. Exciting advances in contact lens research enable more patients to enjoy the benefits of contact lens wear. If you have never worn contact lenses and are interested in having them fitted, your doctor will be pleased to discuss all options. If you wear contact lenses regularly, please wear them on the day of your examination.


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