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Complete eye exams

The best way to protect your vision is through regular eye examinations. Testing for cataracts, glaucoma and eye disease is a routine part of every eye exam done at our office. Eye drops may be used at any eye exam to allow the optometrist to properly assess the health of the individual patient’s eyes. For further information on pupil dilation, click here.

The Ontario government (OHIP) pays for most of your eye exam when you are nineteen years of age or younger and sixty-five years of age or older. Certain procedures are not covered by OHIP. Often third party providers will pay for your eye exam if you are between these ages.

Motor Vehicle and Occupational Eye Examinations

Motor vehicle driver license examinations, regardless of class of license, can be provided at our clinic. When a workplace situation has specific requirements for visual needs and eye safety, our optometrists are able to do an appropriate occupational eye examination addressing those needs. Written reports can be supplied when required for a modest fee. Safety eyewear provided by our office conforms to all CSA standards.

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We are happy to accept your referrals of family and friends… of all ages.
In acknowledgement of your referrals, a charitable donation will be made to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital.